Indirect Expport 

If you are thinking of importing products from Brazil but have no volume to close a container with each supplier, you will have to look for a Commercial Exporting company to do this:


BRAZIL EXPRESS BR is a Commercial Exporter dedicated to exporting Brazilian products and is structured with partners to do the work of:

 > Purchase: - We buy and pay for goods in all regions of Brazil.

 > Logistics - We consolidate our purchases, packing / palletizing and unitizing the container

 > Documents: We issue all export documentation;

 > Customs Clearance: We proceeded to release and ship the container



Direct Export 

Direct exportation occurs when the company that sells to another country is also responsible for the bureaucratic procedures involved in the operation. That is, the company performs three functions: manufacturer, exporter and shipper.

Usually the manufacturer only makes these three roles, for full container