The globalisation is not only about product and service flows, but also about people. When

those people move from their country of origin and go overseas, they carry with them their

costumes and habits baggage from childhood and that never goes away. They may almost

completely settle in the welcoming country, but their cultural and moral values brought from

their motherland will always be there.


It is, therefore, understandable that those people want to be with their people, speaking their

mother language, taking part in sports and cultural activities of their country and eating,

drinking and wearing as if in their motherland.   

This is the driving force of the nostalgia market that moves a large volume of resources

around the world, having Mexican, Indians, Chinese, Portuguese, Italians, among others, as

main protagonists.

In some cases, sales to those markets account for almost all of a company’s exports as it is

the case of some wines exporters from Portugal. (

BRAZIL EXPRESS BR aims to foster business and to facilitate access to products and

services by keeping Brazil always close to the fellow compatriots living overseas.