What is your role in this market? 



You are the nostalgia market.  All players in this market know that it is your deep connection with the motherland that ensures this market.

We are here to listen to you, to answer your questions and, together with the other players in this market, to provide more and more Brazilian goodies for your consumption.

We also know that many of our compatriots seek for diverse ways to make Brazilianness a way of life.

If you are one of those entrepreneurs willing to start a business with the Brazilian imprint (restaurants, steak houses, shops, food and beverage stores) we may be able to offer you ways to implement your project.



For us, your work is extraordinarily decisive for the success of all agents along this value chain. You are the one delivering the desired products to your fellow compatriots and you are the one listening to the demands, the complaints and compliments.

We want you to be the protagonist during all stages of the process and together with the importers we want to present all the expectations, suggestions and demands, directly to the supplier in Brazil.


You are an operator of a very important nostalgia operator. Are you the link between the Brazilian supplier and the main distribution channels in your country? We are here to give you support on your purchases and logistics.

Let us know which products you import and to which country.

Tell us what do you expect from an exporting commercial company and purchasing agent so we can provide a full service.


All Brazilian consumer goods industries wishing to show their products to Brazilian consumers who live overseas, may publish their brand for free in our website by simply forwarding us an image of your logo with a brief description of the products you manufacture, and we will promote in the “Brazilian Brands” page with a link to your website